RocketVisor Product Updates

[Now Live] New version notifications

NEW ON 7/15/18

Why does it matter?

In order to get the latest version and the newest features of RocketVisor, users needed to restart Chrome. Typically, users would have Chrome open for many consecutive days to keep their current tabs open. Our newest update will notify users of a new version of RocketVisor via a desktop notification, and when clicked will update to the latest version without closing Chrome.

rocketvisor desktop notification

How does it work?

When a new version of RocketVisor is released, users will be notified and be able to get the freshest code, quickly and easily.

Who gets it?

All RocketVisor users.


[Now Live] RocketVisor Chat

NEW ON 7/12/18

Why does it matter?

Teams shouldn’t have to switch from what they’re doing to discuss important accounts or deals. Every time you stop what you’re doing, open up a chat application, find the right person, and get in touch, it’s hard to regain focus. Multiply this by dozens of times a day, and it’s a mental burden. Now when you try to resurface this important communication in the future, it’s next to impossible to find. That’s why we built RocketVisor Chat. It’s chat that’s always with you on any webpage or in any application.

account based chat


How does it work?

  1. Communicate around an account with your team from any application or webpage, instantly. No need to switch tabs, pages, or what you’re doing.
  2. Conversations are organized by account. No more losing important account-related communication in 1:1 chat messages.
  3. @mention colleagues, take and discuss screenshots, share important links (Salesforce pages, Linkedin profiles, news articles), and get real-time notifications.


rocketvisor desktop notifications



Who gets it?

All members of the closed beta.