The Top 5 Free Chrome Extensions for Sales Pros

The web browser is our gateway to the information and services we need to get things done. For many years we simply used the browser that came with our computer, but things have changed; in 2017, more than 3 out of every 4 people use Google Chrome to access the internet. Chrome is the fastest way for a sales professional to access Salesforce, research prospects and leads, and send emails (and if you don’t already use it, we recommend installing it here).

While Chrome is fast by itself, the browser allows you to install Chrome extensions on top of it. A Chrome extension sits in the upper right corner of your browser and has the power to enhance your working and browsing experience. For sales pros, this means software that makes sales automation, tracking, and management easier to save you valuable time. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Datanyze Insider

While the full Datanyze platform is only available via an enterprise subscription, their Insider Chrome extension is a free sales prospecting tool that provides a wealth of information directly in the browser. The plugin sits on top of each page you visit, and provides useful company information such as estimates for revenue, employee count, and funding received. It also provides search-engine marketing information like visitors and top ranking keywords. It even gives you access to their twitter feed — all in a user-friendly sidebar that can be accessed without switching tabs or leaving the website.

Datanyze Company Info

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit is one of the top new sales data tools around. It collects intelligent sales data that is available through lots of different paid platforms. Their most recent platform, however, is free (as in beer, not bald eagles): Clearbit Connect. It’s a neat little sales tool that sits in your GMail inbox and gives you the ability to search for someone’s email by company. It also provides useful information on who you are emailing, similar to what Rapportive used to do.

While this Chrome extension provides a quick and easy way to find someone’s email and info where you need it, you are limited to 100 searches a month with the current version. If you need a more in-depth search for someone’s email and are willing to spend a few more seconds, here are some other methods for finding a lead’s email address.

Clearbit Email Search


The average worker receives 121 emails per day — and that number is probably higher for sales professionals. Emails still manage to get lost in the shuffle, no matter how hard we try to stay on top of our inbox. Enter Boomerang, another Chrome extension for GMail. Boomerang offers two basic yet powerful features:

    • Set emails return to your inbox exactly when you want to attend to them
  • Write emails that can be “sent later” at the specific time you’d like them sent

With Boomerang, you can schedule emails to arrive when your recipient may be most likely to respond. It also offers more advanced features, such as reminders for unreplied emails and notifications when someone has opened your email.


Given the massive amount of emails we all send each day, grammatical errors and misspellings are likely for even the best sales professionals. It is notoriously hard to catch your own typos. And while the familiar green and red jagged lines under words are useful in Microsoft Word, we now do most of our typing in the web browser. Enter Grammarly — a Chrome extension for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in the web browser. Grammarly sits in the corner of wherever you are typing on the web and instantly corrects grammar mistakes and provides spelling suggestions for misspelled words. Grammarly is not specifically a sales tool. However, having grammatically correct emails with proper spelling may get you more leads that may have ignored you because of a poorly-written message. It’s important to get your message across error-free.

Grammarly Spellcheck


RocketVisor is built around one central goal: make the web browser brilliant. We all spend 6-7 hours a day active in our browser, and spend a significant portion of that time doing work that can be streamlined and automated. RocketVisor is building the next generation of brilliant browser technology to guide, automate, and measure work in the browser.

RocketVisor currently offers 3 products built specifically to save you time:

    • Whiteboards — forget about tagging and saving notes in a separate application. Write synchronized notes directly in your browser. Whiteboards live right on prospect’s websites, show up in Salesforce, and can be seen by your team.
    • Screenshots — declutter your desktop of screenshots. Take screenshots of important web page information that save automatically to the cloud. They are tagged automatically by the date, time, and website where you took the screenshot.Rocketvisor Screenshots
  • Accelerator — stop wasting time on common actions in Salesforce.  Enhance your Salesforce experience with advanced search, keyboard shortcuts, and automation. Rocketvisor Accelerator

These are just our first brilliant browser offerings, available for free for a limited time.  Get them now while they’re available.

Check out RocketVisor