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Leads can come from absolutely anywhere. Often times, though, we get nothing more than a name and a handshake. Leads must be followed up with swiftly and strategically to ensure the best chance at success. However, as security concerns have made us more wary about who has our information, the days of looking up someone’s name and number in an oversized yellow book are all but over. This presents a new challenge: How can we easily perform an email search to find a lead’s contact information in the security-focused digital age?

The problem may not be as difficult as you may think. Many people still leave their email address out in the open on the web – you just need to know where to look. Occasionally, though, you’ll come across the elusive CEO who’s meticulously covered his or her tracks across the internet to avoid all possible contact with human life. Either way, you can use proven techniques for digging up contact info that we’ve compiled here so that you can focus on what matters: sending an engaging email that people can’t ignore. So before resorting to a LinkedIn private message or Instagram DM, try one of these email address search methods.

Method 1: Strategic Internet Search

Google is still most people’s go-to method for finding anything, and email addresses are no exception. However, sometimes simply googling someone’s name is not enough. Use these search query templates to give yourself a better chance of finding an email address:

  • “[Name] + email address”
  • “[Name] + [Location]”
  • “[Name] + [Company Name]”
  • “[Name] + contact”

Email Search | Find someone's email address on GoogleYou could even combine multiple queries for more precise results, which could be especially helpful when you only have a first or last name.

Even if this method only gets you the company website or the email of another employee at the company, this information can still be very useful. Most companies use a standard structure for all of their employee’s emails. If another employee’s email address is formatted as [first name][last name], it’s very likely that your contact’s email will be formatted the same way. Write this information down and use one of the other techniques to get closer to finding an exact address.

Method 2: Social Media

Our social media profiles contain a treasure-trove of information about our personal and professional  lives – if we’re lucky, this may include an email address.

Below are a few common locations of email addresses in people’s internet profile:

How to find email addresses on Facebook

Email Search on Facebook

When viewing someone’s profile, go to the “About” tab near their profile picture. On the left sidebar, click on “Contact and Basic Info.” This should bring you to a page that may potentially have their email or even their cell number on it.

How to perform an email address search on Twitter

You can always tweet at someone to get their email, but a better approach is to see if they have tweeted out their email to anyone before using Twitter’s nifty Advanced Search function. Just type “(at)(dot)” in the “All of these words” field to tell Twitter you’re looking for a word with an “@” and a “.” in it – an email address. Then put your lead’s twitter handle in the “from these accounts” field and search.

How to use LinkedIn to find someone’s email address

Email Search | Find an email address on Linkedin

When viewing someone’s profile, click the “Contact Info” button in the bottom-right corner of the Profile Overview box. If their email address is public, it will be displayed there.

Even if their email isn’t there, don’t leave LinkedIn just yet; you can still get useful information about the way the company formats their email addresses by looking in the Contact Info for other employees of the company, which could bring you a step closer to finding their email. Search for the company name in the LinkedIn search bar and try finding the emails for other employees – there’s a good chance that one of them has their email address publicly available. 

Method 3: Email Search Tool

Even if you weren’t able to get an email out of the first two methods, there’s still hope. If you were able to find the email of another employee of the company that your lead works for, try using the same email address pattern to guess your lead’s email. Then, see if this email is valid by entering it on Mail Tester. This website will tell you if the email address that you entered is a valid address that can receive email. If it is, then there’s a good chance you’ve found your lead’s email!

If that doesn’t work, or you were unable to find an email address of anyone at the company, then a comprehensive email finder like the Email Address Verifier from Email Hunter may be able to help you. This productivity tool, and other like it, will try many different combinations of first/last name and initials in hopes of finding a valid email address. These tools usually require a subscription fee for continued use, which may be worth it if you are constantly pursuing elusive leads.

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