E9 Dealmakers Decoded – A common misconception to sales success ft. Michelle Lam @ Indeed


“When I interview candidates and ask them what they think it takes to successfully a product or service, many of them lead with establishing a good rapport and getting your clients to like you. Sure, this is important. But if all you are doing is citing facts and benefits of your product/service, you are not going to close as many deals as you could potentially close. You need to be able to tie this back to your client’s specific need and challenge and make this connection for them.

I’ll give you an example. You walk into a car dealership. You are approached by a Salesman that you immediately hit it off with. You both like the same Sports team and turns out, you are both from the same hometown. He walks you over to a convertible and starts rattling off all the great things about it. You’re intrigued, but you and your wife just had twins and you’re looking for a family-friendly car. No matter how much you like the Salesperson and how knowledgeable he is about this convertible, you’re not going to buy it. Why? Because it doesn’t suit your current needs. Perhaps you would have bought it 3 years ago but it does not make sense now. This Salesperson missed that crucial part of ensuring the facts and benefits of a product were actually relevant to this specific client.

This sounds very 101 but I see reps confidently explain facts and benefits all the time but fail to first qualify their clients to see what their needs are and determine which facts/benefits they would actually care about. We have our reps go through Dale Carnegie training here at Indeed and one thing they preach is following the model: fact, benefit and application. The last piece is the most crucial. Showing how a fact/benefit actually APPLIES to the client and their need.”


Michelle Lam Director of Sales at Indeed

Michelle Lam oversees a High Growth team, responsible for over $5 million of revenue, quarterly. She has been with Indeed since June 2013 and has worked her way up from an Account Executive. Michelle has not only proven herself as an individual contributor but developed numerous top reps and help them get promoted to the next step.
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