E7 Dealmakers Decoded – How Positivity Can Take You from Good to Great at Selling ft. Matt Kempin @ Everplans


“Sales is a job of highs and lows. Aiming to hit and exceed quota month over month or quarter over quarter can take an emotional toll. I was always a core performer, but could never quite break into the elite top 5%. After having a number of conversations with these individuals, I found one thing in common. They were all extremely positive no matter where they were in their attainment. I decided to change my mindset and to do everything I could to be as positive as possible as often as possible.

The results from this change in mindset speak for themselves. I went from hitting quota to consistently being in the top 5%.”

matt kempin sales tips positivity in the sales process

Matt Kempin Sr. Account Executive at Everplans

Matt Kempin is a Senior Account Executive at Everplans, where he helps prepare financial advisors for the great wealth transfer. He was the one of the first 10 employees and the first rep at the company. Prior to working at Everplans Matt worked at Indeed and Yext where he learned the foundations of selling and holds a BS from Indiana University.
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