E6 Dealmakers Decoded — Having a Deep Understanding of your Industry ft. Steve Kolatac @ Preqin


“There are numerous best practices and sales tactics that sperate the contenders from the pretenders in sales. In my experience, the most useful sales tip that I’ve encountered and incorporated has been to understand your client’s pain that you are solving. This includes understanding the industry that they are working in, how their business operates, what their day-to-day is like, and being able to communicate how your product or service is going to fix a problem for them. It is useful to be able to explain the features of the software that you are selling but it’s much more meaningful to explain how your product offering is going to improve their business, and if you can do this from an industry-specific standpoint then your closing percentage will drastically increase. Top performers subscribe to industry newsletters, are always on top of the newest industry trend, attend conferences and networking events. When they are speaking with prospects they are able to talk shop for 5-10 minutes prior to going into their sales pitch. This will instantly validate you as someone that can deliver value and help have meaningful conversations with prospects.”

steve kolatac fintech selling tips

Steve Kolatac Business Development Manager at Preqin

Steve Kolatac has experience working across all private capital providing cloud solutions, data rooms, research analytics, and client services. Steve is also experienced working with Salesforce and NYC based Start-ups. Focusing on new business development, Steve is also skilled in sales management, strategy, and growth.
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