E5 Dealmakers Decoded — How to Sell Better in a Hyper-competitive Environment ft. Adam Hoffman @ Bynder


“At Bynder, I sell in what is referred to as a ‘hyper-competitive market.’ I’m typically up against anywhere from 3-10 competitors for every opportunity.

In my previous sales roles, the process was more consultative. I’d spend a lot of time in discovery with my prospects trying to really understand every aspect of their pain and how we could help. When I came to Bynder, I quickly found out this didn’t work. My prospects were spending tremendous amounts of time speaking with other vendors, and the last thing they wanted to do was answer a million questions.

If you’re a salesperson in a hyper-competitive environment or are involved in a fairly transactional sales cycle, efficiency is key. Limit rapport, keep your discovery concise and only ask for information that is totally necessary, and don’t ‘feature dump’ (or show every feature your solution has to offer).”

“selling Adam Hoffman is a Senior Mid-Market Account Executive at Bynder, where he helps brands with up to 5,000 employees become operationally efficient and digitally organized with Bynder’s Digital Asset Management solutions. Prior to Bynder, Adam held Account Executive positions at HubSpot, as well as Forrester Research. He’s attended multiple President’s Clubs, and was Forrester’s #1 New Business Sales Rep in 2014, and holds a BS in Finance from Merrimack College.


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