E4 Dealmakers Decoded — Why You Should Use Video in the Sales Process ft. Katie Morrissey @ Wistia


“Our marketing team did 7 A/B tests and found that emails with video both in the body and in the title had a 21.52% higher click-through rate than those that didn’t. The sales team wanted to see similar results, so ran some A/B test of our own. We saw a 32% higher click-through rate in sales emails that included both a video in the body and the title. The clicks were measured through our calendar link at the end of the video. You can use a bunch of tools for this, including Calendly and HubSpot meetings, and incorporate these links directly in your videos. We use 3 different types of videos in our outreach: The Video Voicemail, The Video Signature, and The Quick Demo.

Here are some examples of how sales teams can use video — Video for Sales Teams

If you need a good way to record videos, check out Wistia’s free, super easy to use Chrome extension — Soapbox

why use video in sales process

Katie Morrissey Account Executive at Wistia

Katie Morrissey has worked exclusively in the marketing software industry for the past 3+ years and believes that video is a uniquely effective medium to communicate your message at scale. As a member of the sales team at Wistia - a video platform for business—she coaches companies big and small on leveraging video to generate leads and boost on-site conversion.
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