E2 Dealmakers Decoded — How to Have More Control in the Sales Process ft. August Radbill @ Drift


“Control – The importance of control is paramount to the continued success of a salesperson over a long period of time. One of my favorite quotes and this holds true for all of life, not just sales, is “The difference between good and great is consistency.” So with that in mind, one needs to ask themselves how do I become consistent when there is so much parody of the sales profession. Control. When I was younger, I looked at the sales reps who would do well month over month and wondered how they were that effective. It could not be a coincidence. What I came to realize is that they all have a process that they run on every single call. They take the prospect down this process knowing that the desired outcome of this process is to determine whether or not this person is going to buy, in the shortest amount of time I might add. The only way that you are going to be able to run this process effectively is if you control the conversation. A prospect is going to have their own agenda on a call. However, that agenda more times than not is not going to lead to them determining whether or not this product is a good fit. Not only is that not a good use of your time, but it is not a good use of theirs. The reality is that people do not get on sales calls hoping to know what they already know, they are looking for a salesperson to lead and show them something completely novel. It is your job to control the conversation and funnel them down a path that will allow them and you to determine if there is a fit here. If yes, you move forward. If no, not far behind the yes because you get off the call and can move on to the next prospect.

The nuance of control goes past just running a process. In sales, distractions are everywhere. In addition, regardless of where you go negativity is going to show up in many forms and when you are having a down month, it is easy to jump on that ship. It is your responsibility as a salesperson to control what you can control. Understand that things like someone doing better than you, issues with the organization, or not getting the quality of leads you would like are relatively out of your control. It is your job to focus on what you can control and trust that when you have a process that works if you inject 100 people into that process X of them will buy depending on the effectiveness of that process. That may mean that you see stretches of 10 in a row that don’t deliver the desired outcome you are looking for. However, if you are able to trust the process and control your emotions you will not let this affect you. You will continue with this process you have and adjust according to a large sample size of successes and failures.

Control is important both on and off the phone and the secret to consistency within sales. It is easier said than done and takes tremendous discipline developed over a career. The important thing to know is that you should anticipate that you are going to fall into similar traps regardless of how tenured you are. It is the strong rep that recognizes those traps and corrects them to get back in control.”

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