E1 Dealmakers Decoded — How to use Genuine Curiosity to Overachieve on Sales Quota ft. Stephen Collura @ HubSpot


“One of my favorite aspects of being a sales professional is that I get a birds-eye view into different businesses on a daily basis. I genuinely enjoy learning about how different companies operate, and market/sell to their prospects & customers. This leads to discovery conversations where the goal is not to simply identify a pain point I can position my product against and “go for the close”, but rather, I’m truly interested in understanding my prospect’s business and the challenges they are looking to solve for. There is no way to fake this; humans are intuitive by nature and can tell when your line of questioning is designed to support your “pitch” vs. actually trying to understand their needs/priorities. This helps me get away from selling features and functionalities and allows me to position my solution in the context of their business goals.”

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Stephen Collura Principal Account Executive at HubSpot

Stephen Collura is a Mid-Market Principal Account Executive at HubSpot selling sales and marketing solutions to companies up to 200 employees.  He is an annual attendee of HubSpot President's Club and often appointed by upper management to train and mentor new hires on an effective sales process. Prior to HubSpot, Stephen was a Senior Account Executive at the Aberdeen Group and holds a BS from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
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