Dealmakers Decoded (Episode 15): Clarity and Engaged Conversations


Wendy Zapach, VP Sales at ALICE Platform explains the importance of clarity and how to use engaged conversation to increase your team’s wins.

Engaged Conversations – conversations with a prospect in which the rep has prepared a pivoting strategy given a potential yes or a no to a question.

The best way to prepare for engaged conversations is to:

  1. Research your prospect
  2. Try to infer how they may respond to questions
  3. Role play the conversation in your head before getting on the call

This has drastically increased wins for the ALICE Platform team.

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Wendy Zapach VP Sales at ALICE Platform

Senior level sales professional leading ALICE's field sales team in helping the world's best hoteliers provide exceptional service, have positively raving guests and build their customer loyalty and equity. In the process of building a comprehensive sales development and support team to accelerate our reach and growth.
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