14 Best Salesforce Apps in 2019 for Enterprise Sales Teams

As one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software suites in the world, Salesforce provides enterprises with an incredible variety of solutions for teams looking to move the needle.


Beyond the features you get out of the box when using Salesforce, the are an overwhelming number of applications on the web that can be integrated with the CRM, meaning your teams can create a sales technology stack that suits their unique needs—simplifying their jobs and making it easier for them to find and qualify leads, guide prospects through customer journeys and, ultimately, close sales.


These sales tools can be serious game-changers for Salesforce users, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best Salesforce applications and integrations for enterprise sales teams we’ve come across. Check them out.



Perfect for sales teams that use account-based marketing and rely on a variety of granular data points to make decisions about business outreach, Ringlead allows Salesforce users to deduplicate data and keep their databases tidy. While this might seem like a minor function, anyone who has had to sift through and manually delete duplicates from a large data pile knows how valuable automation, in this case, can be.


Pricing: Starts Free


Apptus CPQ

Apttus CPQ (the acronym stands for Configure Price Quote) is described as a “multi-channel sales tool designed to help companies configure, price and quote deals accurately, quickly and easily”. This tool allows users to determine optimal price points based on deal characteristics, and margin analysis as powered by machine learning—and facilitate a simple quote-to-cash process that helps sales professionals to manage contracts, incentives, billing and order management as they work out their deals.


Pricing: $85 per user, per month



Trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, Outreach.io helps sales pros to close more deals by “personalizing, prioritizing, and analyzing sales activities”. This robust sales solution helps sales teams to develop and execute sales sequences, track emails, dial prospects, and fine tune their performance by providing analytics about their activities. Even better? Outreach.Io provides users with a variety of other tools to help them hit the ground running, including email and content templates, as well as sales intelligence powered by A.I. It’s essentially your sales technology stack all in one place.


Pricing: $100 per month, per user


Cirrus Insight

Cirrus insight is a data integration tool that can be used to clean up your marketing database and ensure that your data quality is consistent across the board—ensuring that your contacts, activities, and events are properly synced with Salesforce at all times. What’s even better is that this tool allows you to keep all of this information organized across various email and calendar accounts, meaning you won’t have to hunt your prospects and appointments down if you’re using numerous points of contact.


Pricing: $27–72 per user, per month



Are you a Salesforce user who frequently finds yourself in need of forms? FormAssembly may be the perfect tool for you. This tool, which features deep Salesforce integration, allows users to create records, easily update form information, and create complex forms with conditional logic, calculations and other elements needed to gather business intelligence. Even better? The app also integrates with Paypal, Stripe and other vendors, meaning that payment solutions are never far away.


Pricing: $99 per user, per month


FinancialForce Procurement & Inventory Management

A logistics and supply chain management solution, FinancialForce gives businesses a transparent and complete look at what’s happening with their inventory. This tool provides an up-to-date view on inventory (current and promised), helps organizations keep track of their spending, minimizes contract leakage and promotes clear communication through proposal simplification, pre-defined processes, automated workflows, and seamless connectivity to contact information.


Pricing: Starting at $5 per user, per month; discounts available to nonprofits


Bizible Marketing Attribution & Analytics

B2B buyer’s journeys are often complex and take place over a variety of touchpoints. It can be tough, then, for marketers and salespeople to engage their prospects everywhere they’re planning to be. That’s where Bizible comes in, offering omni-channel marketing support that provides insight into buyer journeys across paid and organic search, social media, display and retargeting ads, partner marketing and web referrer, and sales activity. Even better, this solution works “out of the box” with pre-built reports and dashboards—while offering a variety of customizations to make this robust marketing intelligence tool work for your team’s individual needs.


Pricing: Starting at $1,000 per company per month



Using machine learning and “cloud conversation” technology to bring consumer-facing conversations into the CRM, Chorus.AI is designed to shorten customer journeys, increase close rates and improve the performance of your sales teams. Chorus.Ai does this by capturing and analyzing calls, then providing intelligence about the interactions therein to be seeded as notes into CRMs, helping your teams understand how to better navigate deals.


Pricing: Must contact



This brilliant business intelligence solution provides users with the ability to “map the internet” via its global sensor network, which helps B2B sales teams understand their prospect’s cloud infrastructure.


This tool can teach your sales professionals all sorts of things, including a company’s usage and spend on cloud technology. If you’re an enterprise team selling any sort of cloud technology, their contextual spend intelligence data is a game changer.


Pricing: Free sales tool available. Contact for enterprise needs.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool allows sales professionals to keep track of buyers and companies, to capture relevant activities for the Salesforce customer relationship manager, and engage with prospects through personalized outreach. This is particularly helpful in ABM marketing and social selling, as it helps users to keep aware of the activities of key personnel at the companies they mean to engage. It also integrates flawlessly with Salesforce’s Sales navigators, meaning that InMails, messages, notes and phone calls are stored without hassle.


Pricing: Free



This helpful little bot keeps leads warm and nurtured, while keeping conversations up-to-date in Salesforce in real time. Instead of traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms and follow ups, Drift connects your business with the best leads in real-time. Beyond just their chatbot tools, they now offer email and assist in understanding who is on your site.


Pricing: Starting at $50 per month



Have you ever thought about using video in your sales efforts? If not, Vidyard might make you change your mind. This tool allows you to record, share and personalize video content—while allowing you to collect in-depth data about user engagement and buyer behavior. This information can then be imported into Salesforce, informing your team’s engagement strategies.


Pricing: Freemium model, with paid features starting at $80 per user per month


Madison Logic

Considered one of the best account-based marketing tools anywhere, Madison Logic offers a robust SaaS platform that allows users find and engage people at a variety of accounts, measure their performance, align workflows with goals and KPIs, and ultimately grow business. Even better, Madison Logic comes with ActivateABM, which allows you to automatically and seamlessly integrate data from the platform into CRMs like Salesforce.


Pricing: Must contact for pricing



If you’ve ever thought about using the real estate in your email signature as a marketing opportunity, you have something in common with the minds behind Sigstr. This solution allows salespeople to turn “every email into a marketing campaign” by using a dynamic email signature technology that measures email engagement, calendar and conversational insights via AI to “check the temperature” of your business relationships and help you promote your organization’s most important initiatives.


Pricing: $200 per month for up to 50 employees


Take Advantage of the Best Salesforce Apps in 2019

Listed above are just some of the amazing Salesforce integrations you can take advantage of as part of your customer engagement strategy with Salesforce. There are plenty more where these came from, and each can be highly valuable to your organization if you choose them wisely.

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