5 Superior Salesforce Tips to Help Crush Your Quota

Love it or hate it, CRMs are inevitably your best friend and worst enemy as an account executive, account manager, or business development rep.

Maybe the most loved and hated of all CRMs is the behemoth…Salesforce.

While we originally covered some basic Salesforce tips awhile ago, we’re diving deeper this time. Whether you just started using Salesforce or have been using your team’s setup for years, these helpful hints and tricks will help you close deals faster and understand your sales process better.

1. Set Salesforce as a Search Engine

Are you a Google Chrome user?

Well, if you aren’t, you’ll probably become one after learning this SFDC trick.

By tweaking a few custom settings in Google Chrome, you can easily set Salesforce as your search engine and save a ton of time looking for reports, lists, and individuals within your Salesforce.

Follow these simple instructions to set up a custom search engine in less than two minutes. Then all you’ll have to do is type “SFDC” into google and the query you’re looking for and wah-lah, you’ll be taken directly to that page within your Salesforce.

search salesforce from chrome

This is one of those little tricks that will save you a ton of time as an account executive.

2. Create Custom List Views within Salesforce

A majority of an account executives time is inevitably spent looking at lists – whether that’s lists of accounts you’re currently working, list of leads that came in from the website this week, etc…

These more traditional list views are often provided by default in Salesforce or perhaps were slightly modified by management.

Don’t just rely on the lists views that were created for you.

Go beyond and create your own custom lists by following this guide. If you don’t have the permissions to create custom list flows, ask management to enable this feature as it will help save you time — and we all know time is money when it comes to sales.

3. Invest Time in Salesforce’s Trailhead

While the cutesy critters and characters might not be for you, taking the time to actually use Trailhead is a huge opportunity to better understand Salesforce – whether you’re just getting started or have been in your team’s dashboard for years.

Trailhead doesn’t just cover Salesforce either — you can take courses and earn badges on everything from “Alexa Development Basics” to “Account Data Strategies” and everything in between. Trailhead lets you take one off courses or go down the entire trail and dive deep into core topics.

These free courses will help you not only use Salesforce better but develop your career, skills,  and ideas beyond your current position.

4. Chrome Extensions Are Your New Best Friend

If our first tip didn’t convince you to switch to Google Chrome, we’re pretty sure Chrome extensions will.

There are dozens of Salesforce related Chrome extensions that provide different benefits like the Navigator extension where you can easily go to any page within Salesforce easily.

We can’t help but plug ourselves here as RocketVisor is one of the most robust Chrome extension that integrates directly with your Salesforce instance and lets you create notes, have conversations, store links and files, and organize it all by account.

notes for salespeople

5. Attend Dreamforce and Other Salesforce Events

With over 120,000 attendees convening in San Francisco for one of the largest business conferences in the world, Dreamforce is a huge opportunity for account executives both to deepen their knowledge of Salesforce and to connect with prospects, leads, and customers in-person.

This year’s dreamforce has over 2,700 sessions – including topics like:

  • 1:1 Real-Time Digital Engagements for Retail and Service
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein Delights B2C Shoppers and Makes Site Search Smarter
  • 4 Tips to Speed Up Follow-Ups with Prospects and Customers

If you can’t make it out to Dreamforce, there are a ton of other Salesforce events that will help you develop your skills and connect with the community. If you’re going to attend these events, don’t just focus on the sessions that help you — pop into sessions your prospects and customers would find valuable so you can dive deeper into their minds.

Own Your Salesforce

While it might not seem like it, having a clear and holistic understanding of how your Salesforce is set up and understanding the most efficient ways to use the platform is a crucial part of your job as an account executive.

The better you utilize this incredibly powerful tool, the easier your job will become — especially if you use software like RocketVisor.

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Kathryn Kosmides is a startup marketer focused on SaaS and blockchain technologies who recently founded her own non-profit project to prevent domestic violence (Garbo.io).

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