RocketVisor Product Updates

[Now Live] Board View

NEW ON 06/4/2019

Why does it matter?
To give your team even more flexibility with how to view and use your playbook, we’re providing a new way to display playbooks for a more at-a-glance view.  The new “Sales Board” view shows multiple stages at the same time in one full-tab view.  It also reduces clicks needed to access content.

[Now Live] Archiving playbooks

NEW ON 05/24/2019

Why does it matter?
Now as your strategy evolves you can easily archive previous playbooks so the newest strategies rise to the top.

[Now Live] Rich Text support for Salesforce fields

NEW ON 05/16/2019

Why does it matter?
RocketVisor can now display and allow you to edit rich text fields from Salesforce.

[Now Live] Launching Plays from Anywhere

NEW ON 05/07/2019

Why does it matter?
Now it’s possible to launch a new play from anywhere you can access RocketVisor.  This means it’s not longer necessary to be in Salesforce to launch a new play.  Received an email in Gmail and want to launch a play?  Found something on LinkedIn and want to launch a play?  Now you can without the extra trip to Salesforce.

[Now Live] Usability Improvements

NEW ON 04/30/2019

Why does it matter?
We’re continuing to make your RocketVisor experience more fluid and intuitive.

[Now Live] Simplified Visor Design

NEW ON 04/24/2019

Why does it matter?
Based on user feedback, we’ve updated the design for searching in the Visor and switching between favorited Plays.

[Now Live] Date Merge fields and Salesforce Record Selection

NEW ON 04/01/2019

Why does it matter?
With date merge fields, you can now select from a number of date merge field options for fields like a Task’s Due Date or an Opportunity Close Date. For logged calls and activities, you can now automatically set the due date to today. For opportunities, you can set the close date X months ahead or on the last day of the current month, for example.

The Salesforce Record Selection now makes it possible to assign tasks to specific users, change the owner of an account with RocketVisor, and link related objects (like Products, Invoices, etc.) to opportunities or order records.

[Now Live] Performance Improvements

NEW ON 03/04/2019

Why does it matter?

We’ve made RocketVisor faster by changing our caching strategy for certain Salesforce configuration data. This should speed up page loads when RocketVisor is running.

[Now Live] Webhooks

NEW ON 02/20/2019

Why does it matter?

The latest update for RocketVisor includes webhooks functionality. Combine this with Salesforce Process Builder to trigger notifications in RocketVisor that launch your custom-built RocketVisor apps. Here are some scenarios where you can use this new functionality:

  • After an opportunity moves into the “Discovery” stage, remind reps to prepare for the call they scheduled.
  • If an opportunity has been in any single stage for too long, trigger a reminder for the rep to reach out, and provide exactly the messaging and content you suggest to reawaken the opportunity.
  • After a demo call has been logged, remind the rep to update certain Opportunity fields that should be completed after a demo.

To learn more about how your team can use this functionality, contact your RocketVisor sales excellence team.

[Now Live] Multi-notes and file uploads

NEW ON 7/25/18

Why does it matter?

notes for salespeople

Our beta users have loved the notes feature, but have asked for the ability to take multiple notes for each account, especially when they want to stay organized through multiple stages of the sales process (research, disco call, demo call, negotiation, etc.). After the note is taken, quickly send it to a teammember to keep them in the loop.


file uploads to rocketvisor

Despite the fact that files are dying as work moves to the browser and links, files are still an important part of the sales process (like screenshots that have been taken offline, or a contract in the form of a PDF). With this release, users can click and drag, or click to upload files. Files added to chat will automatically be saved under the links tab.

Now all of your files, links, notes, and chat related to an account will be in one place.

How does it work?

Simply refresh your Chrome to receive this update.

Who gets it?

All RocketVisor users.

[Now Live] New version notifications

NEW ON 7/15/18

Why does it matter?

In order to get the latest version and the newest features of RocketVisor, users needed to restart Chrome. Typically, users would have Chrome open for many consecutive days to keep their current tabs open. Our newest update will notify users of a new version of RocketVisor via a desktop notification, and when clicked will update to the latest version without closing Chrome.

rocketvisor desktop notification

How does it work?

When a new version of RocketVisor is released, users will be notified and be able to get the freshest code, quickly and easily.

Who gets it?

All RocketVisor users.

[Now Live] RocketVisor Chat

NEW ON 7/12/18

Why does it matter?

Teams shouldn’t have to switch from what they’re doing to discuss important accounts or deals. Every time you stop what you’re doing, open up a chat application, find the right person, and get in touch, it’s hard to regain focus. Multiply this by dozens of times a day, and it’s a mental burden. Now when you try to resurface this important communication in the future, it’s next to impossible to find. That’s why we built RocketVisor Chat. It’s chat that’s always with you on any webpage or in any application.

account based chat


How does it work?

  1. Communicate around an account with your team from any application or webpage, instantly. No need to switch tabs, pages, or what you’re doing.
  2. Conversations are organized by account. No more losing important account-related communication in 1:1 chat messages.
  3. @mention colleagues, take and discuss screenshots, share important links (Salesforce pages, Linkedin profiles, news articles), and get real-time notifications.


rocketvisor desktop notifications



Who gets it?

All members of the closed beta.

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