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Our mission is to improve the way the world works.

Everything we do is centered around making work better. We believe this fundamentally starts with challenging the status quo and the accepted beliefs around work efficiency.

AI is great at the tedious, repetitive work that humans are not. Humans are great at the creative, complex decision making that AI is not. We believe there is an opportunity to connect humans and AI to make work more enjoyable and to help individuals and teams achieve higher potentials.


Our Team

  • ben kalish software rocketvisor

    Ben Kalish

    AI Software Engineer

  • chrisalto

    Chris Alto

    Head of Growth

  • kathryn kosmides

    Kathryn Kosmides


  • mike yaroshefsky ceo of rocketvisor

    Michael Yaroshefsky

    Founder & CEO

  • Patrick Shanley

    Senior Engineer

  • spencer schimel lead designer rocketvisor

    Spencer Schimel

    Lead Designer

Expert Advisors

  • Maia Heymann

    Converge Venture Partners

  • Nathaniel Friedman


  • Kyle York


  • Nnamdi Okike

    645 Ventures

  • Ethan Lauf Goldstein

  • Gregory Karelitz


  • Eric Reiner

    Sinai Ventures

  • Frank Siao

How we got started

Contact Us

885 Avenue of the Americas,
Suite 33D
New York, NY