rocketvisor visor sales collaboration software

Increase Revenue with Sales Process Automation.

The AI copilot that guides your team to consistently follow best practices so they repeatably achieve success.

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How it works

Sales guidance, automation, collaboration, and measurement.

Guidance on Best Practices

Instead of classroom trainings that are quickly forgotten and wikis with sales playbooks that are rarely referenced, our AI recognizes the stage of a deal, and proactively recommend best practices for sales reps to follow. Ensure a repeatable sales process on every deal.

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How it works

Sales guidance, automation, collaboration, and measurement.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Make your reps happier and more efficient by freeing them from administrative tasks. Let RocketVisor do the grunt work, like logging information to Salesforce, searching across webpages and applications, and recommending the next best steps to take.

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How it works

Sales guidance, automation, collaboration, and measurement.

Sell as a Team

Non-sales specific communication platforms fall short when it comes to strategizing and collaborating around an account or deal. New team members need to constantly be caught up to speed and handoff to success is a nightmare. Ultimately, the customer experience is impacted. RocketVisor Chat allows teams to keep all account-related communication in one place and automatically syncs directly back to Salesforce.

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How it works

Sales guidance, automation, collaboration, and measurement.

Measure and Improve

Easily measure how effective your current sales process is at driving results. A/B test different tactics at different stages. Pinpoint where deals are being held up and optimize for the future.

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More Features
  • notes for sales


    RocketVisor Notes allows sales teams to easily take research and call notes by account that automatically sync back to Salesforce. No more data leakage or manually tagging by account in your note app.

  • chat for sales


    RocketVisor Chat allows teams to easily work together to move a deal forward, from one place. No need to manually create a channel or invite members of your team. Anyone with RocketVisor installed can instantly get context and chip in to help.

  • file and link organization sales

    Files and Links

    Keep important files, like proposals or contracts, and links, like Linkedin profiles and news articles, related to an account in one place for quick access. Discuss them in chat with one click. Automatically sync them back to Salesforce.

  • rocketvisor salesforce integration

    Salesforce integration

    Everything in RocketVisor is automatically synced directly back to Salesforce. Limit data leakage and maximize data cleanliness for better forecasting.

Your information is private & encrypted.

Work smart with peace of mind.

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  • Security is not just engineering. It’s maintaining strict procedures and reviews too.
  • Our operations team constantly monitors the health and security of our servers.
  • All customer data stored in an encrypted data warehouse with anonymous key relationships.
  • Our operations team monitors platform and application behavior for anomaly detection.

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"RocketVisor notes help me easily strategize around our accounts as a team"

David Donlan CRO @
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"BDR to Account Executive collaboration is much easier with RocketVisor"

Stephen Collura Sr. Account Executive @ HubSpot
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"I can't imagine prospecting and selling without RocketVisor"

Chad Prigmore Sr. Enterprise Account Executive