matt kempin sales tips positivity in the sales process
Dealmakers Decoded
March 15, 2018

E7 Dealmakers Decoded – Positivity throughout the sales process

  "Sales is a job of highs and lows. Aiming to hit and exceed quota month over month or quarter over quarter can take an emotional toll. I was always…
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steve kolatac fintech selling tips
Dealmakers Decoded
March 8, 2018

E6 Dealmakers Decoded — Having a Deep Understanding of your Industry ft. Steve Kolatac @ Preqin

  "There are numerous best practices and sales tactics that sperate the contenders from the pretenders in sales. In my experience, the most useful sales tip that I've encountered and…
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selling hypercompetitive deals
Dealmakers Decoded
March 2, 2018

E5 Dealmakers Decoded — Selling in a Hyper-competitive Environment ft. Adam Hoffman @ Bynder

  "At Bynder, I sell in what is referred to as a 'hyper-competitive market.' I'm typically up against anywhere from 3-10 competitors for every opportunity. In my previous sales roles,…
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katie morrissey wistia
Dealmakers Decoded
February 22, 2018

E4 Dealmakers Decoded — Video in the Sales Process ft. Katie Morrissey @ Wistia

  "Our marketing team did 7 A/B tests and found that emails with video both in the body and in the title had a 21.52% higher click-through rate than those…
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why engineering at a startup
February 21, 2018

Happiness Starts Small: Software Engineering at a Startup

Charlie (my goldendoodle/accomplice) and me   After 10 years in engineering, I’ve boiled down my experiences into one, simple equation: Happiness = Impact + People + Learning Five years ago,…
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Dealmakers Decoded
February 16, 2018

E3 Dealmakers Decoded — Building a Personal Connection ft. Dan Giovacchini @ General Catalyst

  "In an age of smartphones and social media, there is still nothing like building a personal connection. It may sound simple, but if you can get out of the…
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browser extension ux testing
February 9, 2018

Browser Extension Design: 3 Lessons Learned from User Testing

RocketVisor is launching our all-new "Visor" this spring.  The Visor lets marketing, sales, support, and success teams collaborate on accounts together.  It does this by adding thoughtful artificial intelligence to…
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august radbill sales tip control in the sales process
Dealmakers Decoded
February 8, 2018

E2 Dealmakers Decoded — Control in the Sales Process ft. August Radbill @ Drift

  "Control - The importance of control is paramount to the continued success of a salesperson over a long period of time. One of my favorite quotes and this holds…
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stephen collura curiosity in the sales process sales tip
Dealmakers Decoded
February 2, 2018

E1 Dealmakers Decoded — Genuine Curiosity in the Sales Process ft. Stephen Collura @ HubSpot

  "One of my favorite aspects of being a sales professional is that I get a birds-eye view into different businesses on a daily basis. I genuinely enjoy learning about…
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6 steps to an improved bdr & AE relationship
Sales Tips
November 27, 2017

6 Steps to an Improved BDR & AE Relationship

  The relationship between a Business Development Representative (BDR) and Account Executive (AE) is crucial for an effective sales function. Often, this relationship can be strained, if not downright broken.…
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