We Are Unleashing Human Power by adding Machine Intelligence to your Browser

Launching from the heart of Manhattan

The web browser is our gateway to the vast wealth of human knowledge and information.

We are on a mission to make web browsers more than just gateways to the Internet. We are combining machine intelligence with the strategic importance of web browsers.



Collaborate with colleagues together in real time on whiteboards that live directly on prospects’ websites. The whiteboards automatically appear in the matching Salesforce records, so you’ll never lose your notes.


Capture screenshots anywhere around the web that automatically get linked to the right Salesforce account, and share them as private links with your colleagues. Say goodbye to a cluttered desktop.


When you spend hours per day in Salesforce, seconds become minutes. The Accelerator adds helpful research links, overlays, and macros for logging. Spend less time in Salesforce and more time with customers.


Our Mission: Unleash your power through smart software built into the browser.

We’re RocketVisor, a mighty team located in the heart of the big apple.

We think great software should feel like fine hospitality.  It should anticipate your needs and help you without getting in the way.  That’s the spirit of everything we build.